Artist Training Grounds VII, Day 24

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Source: [33]

Day Twenty-Four: "Draw a pony beating the odds / Draw a pony doing the unexpected". Fill out the submission form here. The gallery of the day is over here.

Mind that deadline. It's midnight Mountain Standard Time, which is 3 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time and 8 AM UTC. There's usually an extension on top of that, somewhere around three hours.
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Actual video of the total eclipse over Nashville, by Ayrika Whitney (embedded by The Tennessean)

I've watched this video five times already, because look! It really was purple at the bottom! I've been looking up "purple" with relation to the 2017 total solar eclipse and have only been able to guess that what I was seeing in the corona at the time were solar prominences (actually considered red, but okay), but I had some doubt that they were really visible with the naked eye. This video seems to confirm that they were.

(As with many amazing pieces of eclipse documentation, this doesn't capture one of my top three* enjoyments of the eclipse, which was seeing the corona against a beautifully blue (not black!) sky. But it's the closest thing I've watched to what I remember seeing, which I find enjoyable and fantastic.)

Video of the crowd on the lawn outside the Gaylord Opryland Resort before, during, and after totality, by [ profile] voges5

This is a 5-minute long tripod video of the crowd at the hotel where we stayed, and it's interesting to me for several reasons:

1) I heard Nashville's Adventure Science Center was clouded out, which seemed impossible to me even though there are clearly nearby clouds in the pictures I took during totality at the zoo, and when I looked at this video I can see that there are even bigger clouds visible in the Opryland sky. So clearly seeing totality is a lucky, lucky thing, and 15 minutes in either direction (the zoo where we were is 15 minutes south of the Adventure Science Center, and the hotel we stayed at was 15 minutes north of it, both with perfect views) makes all the difference.

2) It's hard to remember exactly how quickly it got dark (less than a minute), and how dark it got (post-sunset twilight), so it's cool to see perfectly recorded documentation from a place we were.

3) I love how no one really knows what to do during totality. Lots of people just sit there and stare at it. One kid jumps up and down and the other turns in circles. I did all of these things.

4) Also, we considered staying at the resort instead of trying to get to the zoo, since the traffic reports were so ominous, and it's kind of fun to see that we didn't miss anything. (Locals at the Opry the night before literally told me to give up on the zoo, that there was no way I'd get there. Other locals disagreed, of course, but it was discouraging. Plus our hotel was hosting two viewing parties, with another one a short walk away at the Opry, so why were we trying to go to the zoo again? We were tired! But we were less tired the next morning, so we called a taxi and Hasan drove us to the zoo in 27 minutes. No traffic. Then he came and picked us up at the end of the day and repeated the feat in reverse.) Also, the zoo was amazing. So the moral of the story is, don't give up on your dreams!

ETA: But props to the older couple we met in the elevator that morning, who told us they'd come with a bus tour and literally everyone on the tour voted not to travel to a viewing site, to stay for the resort's viewing party instead. "We don't want to drive somewhere and sit out in the sun for three hours when we can see it from here," they said. So the bus didn't go.

Video of flamingoes at the Nashville Zoo as the sun goes dark, by [ profile] ByJasonGonzales

Everyone loves this video, as they should. It shows the oncoming twilight and flamingoes being awesome, all at once. (Also there's lots of screaming in the background; apparently the noise wasn't limited to the larger viewing areas.)

AP news story about the eclipse: "Eclipse Puzzles: Galloping Giraffles and Flocking Flamingoes" on the NBC News site, which is important because I am in the first picture they show (of people watching the giraffes), credited to Seth Borenstein with the AP. How exciting!

(I literally read this article twice without noticing, and when I came back to watch the flamingo video again I suddenly realized that I was that person standing at the fence in the giraffe picture. Wearing my orange lululemon backpack (with black seawheeze water bottle) and my sister's baseball cap, holding Travel Dog under my left elbow. I am absolutely positive my ipod is in my right hand, and I can probably find the photo I have just taken in that picture. Thanks Seth!)

*The moving, glowing, partially purple corona against a blue sky (and the way the sunlight flashed on either side of the moon), how quickly it went from strange daylight to circular twilight, and the crescent effect of seeing little eclipsed suns everywhere, under every tree, on every surface. And not unique to a solar eclipse, but the phenomenon of putting on glasses and being able to stare directly at the sun was unexpectedly awesome. It's the sun! Right there! Wow!

I would add, too, that although all of these things were amazing, being around other people who were also amazed by them magnified my delight. It was so cool to be walking along shaded paths and have someone go, "look at the crescents!" and just have a group of people stop and stare at the ground. And to be walking out in the sunlight where someone had stopped to stare up, and just stop to stare up with them, because look - the sun! And the moon! Doing a thing!

Hearing everybody cheer when darkness came on was also pretty wild ♥

Just ten thousand reflections.

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:07 pm[personal profile] hannah
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I walked into fall this morning. It'd rained last night and the streets were still a little wet and the air was still a little cool. With the smell of wet leaves in the gutter and faint light from the turning season, it all settled just on top of my skin. The sort of autumn morning I'd grown up with. It was gone the moment I looked up at the bright sky with its few puffy clouds, which made for a heavy dose of cognitive dissonance before I even got onto the subway. And then I'd look around me, not above me, and I could remember the sidewalks on the bike rides to school when I was a kid. It didn't last, dissipating by the time I got to work, but I knew this was the beginning of the end of summer.

After work, I went to the greenmarket, and I knew it was really time. Hard squashes have come in. There's no pumpkins as of yet, but they're looming. Just over the horizon. And even though I look forward to the delicately balanced chill to come back and settle for a moment, it's always hard when I know I've arrived at the end of something.

I also found out I'm leaving for a family vacation a day before I thought I was. So that's something cleared up well ahead of time, at least. It's one less day to worry about packing, and more important to me, one less day for writing. I don't think I'll be able to break 60,000 words on the current WIP, which means it's possible 2017 may be the first year of all the years I've been in fandom where I haven't finished something - at least, something beyond little birthday challenge drabbles. When I get back from the vacation, I'm going back to an original project that I can hopefully look at with enough detachment to be harsh but fair, and then it's beginning another one and trying to get momentum going on that first...and in all that, time for playing around with Buffy the Vampire Slayer might well drop in importance. Even though I know it won't take much more than another dedicated fortnight or so to get the first rough draft completed, and then maybe another month to go through for a first-pass edit, and a bounty of other beautiful excuses I can give to myself. Especially with classes beginning soon. I'll want something to play with.

Which I know I'll just have to make the time for.

Wednesday Yardening

Aug. 23rd, 2017 04:31 pm[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
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It's a lovely cool day outside, at least until I wore myself out.  I took the clippers and cut brush alongside the patio. 

EDIT 8/23/17: I went back out and moved a bit of brush from the savanna, and also trimmed grass around three saplings there.

did a meditate

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:55 pm[personal profile] beccaelizabeth
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Did a wednesday, so it was meditation day.
we did mindfulness of breathing and I kept being distracted by thoughts of cake.
which is one of the classic hindrances, apparently.
also it was not a sitting still day.
but I like meditation.
and on the way home we went to get a cake but it wasn't there, so it is ordered for tomorrow. I think. I hope it's the same one as on the website. and if it isn't it's still a chocolate cake. and then I can invite people to have a cake, if it's any good. It might bot be because it's a freefrom cake, but if it is good probably we can all eat it, probably.

so that was a pretty good evening.

and still my birthday :-D

TFW illiteracy inspires hope

Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:35 am[personal profile] elf
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Trump could launch a nuclear attack in 4 minutes discusses how the launch code system works, and how few checks and balances it has - basically none.

The "nuclear football" is a briefcase carrying the codes; it goes with the president everywhere. The article mentions that, hypothetically, the aide who carries it could refuse to hand it over - but that would (1) be illegal and (2) get him fired. Full cooperation is legally required. So, ok, odds of the president saying, "That Kim guy just insulted me on Twitter; I'm gonna blast him to the stone age; hand me that briefcase" and being told, "no, Mr. President, I'm not going to do that" are thin.

However... full cooperation doesn't necessarily mean "offering the kind of help that a PA/exec assistant provides."
The Football is actually full of binders and plans for war, so that a President can flip through it and decide what kind of nuclear war he wants to launch -- then he communicates that order to the Pentagon or Raven Rock, where it's promptly executed. There's a visual guide as part of the Football that one military aide referred to as the "Denny's Menu" of nuclear war. But other aides have darkly joked there are really just three options: Rare, Medium and Well-Done.
(Emphasis added) So... it involves reading. It involves finding data in a binder, and deciding what to do with that data. And while that info is likely well-referenced and explained, maybe even with simple flowcharts... the president is borderline functionally illiterate. His ability to grab information out of text may basically not exist.

If the president wants to launch WWIII, it's possible that all his staff has to do to stop him is not agree to help.

Wednesday Reading Meme

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:27 pm[personal profile] sineala
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What I Just Finished Reading

Still nothing.

What I'm Reading Now

Doctor Strange #24, Generations The Unworthy Thor And The Mighty Thor #1, Iceman #4, Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #3, Secret Empire #9, X-Men Gold #10 )

What I'm Reading Next

I miss reading books. I should read a book.

(no subject)

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:04 am[personal profile] echan
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I applied for a position in another department at my company. I'm not particularly interested in their area of focus, but I like the work they do and figured the interview would be less stressful than any other job interview but still good experience. They turned me down, mostly because of my lack of interest, which is totally fine (really!). It was still worth it for the interview (which went remarkably well) and for getting the head of that department even further on board team "echan's f'ing boss, your team would be lucky to have them". He's been on my side for years, so long I actually forgot about him advocating for my current position, but we don't work together much in detail so this turned out to be a good way for him to get more familiar.

I don't actually know what kind of job I want next. I spend a lot of time writing code, scripts and tools that either keep things running automagically or help automate some of the fixes. There's usually something else higher priority though, which is frustrating. Word is that a new position may be 'invented' that's all the code parts of my job and none of the other stuff. I don't know if I'll enjoy writing code /all/ day, but I do know the only reason I haven't applied to join the dev team is the dullness of the products they work on. So t
here's that.
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Why I don't use automated checkout machines -- they cost jobs. Millions of jobs.

Where statues go to retire.

Is America finally ready for the bidet?

The Congressional Black Caucus is talking impeachment.

With all the weirdness, we might need some Help!


There is a lot of coverage of Trump's speech in Phoenix yesterday, ranging from "he's deranged" to "he made it all up" to "he plans to pardon that racist Joe Arpaio" and more. And there were 3000+ peaceful demonstrators outside -- at least, it appears, until police threw pepper bombs into the crowd. I do not have the oomph to chase all of this, but if you go to, you'll find a ton of links. Sorry. I am having vision problems (eta: because the frame of my glasses is bent and one lens is closer than the other, and I have ordered new ones that aren't in yet) and need to take care of my eyes today, ok? Thanks for understanding.

It's a regional specialty

Aug. 24th, 2017 01:48 am[personal profile] vass
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My favourite thing that happened on the internet this week was when [ profile] vintar learned that non-Australians do not sing 'Why Was He Born So Beautiful'. ("Why was he born so beautiful? / Why was he born at all? / Because he had no choice in it, / No choice in it at all." To this tune.)

The tags are full of horrified non-Aussies, dubious non-Aussies wondering if the Aussies are trolling them again, Aussies who have never heard of this, and Aussies who are amazed this is not a thing elsewhere too.

(I'm on team mildly surprised this is Aussie-only -- I'd sort of assumed it was a Commonwealth thing and that at least Brits and Kiwis would do it too -- and very surprised at the Aussies who hadn't heard of it.)

Posted by Jen

Attn Parents: This post is not appropriate for young children. Or adults, really, but I won't tell if you won't.  

Since I know you're curious about the behind-the-scenes workings here at Cake Wrecks, I thought I'd provide you with the actual dialogue between me and John while discussing a cake.

This cake:

Ready? Here goes.

Me: [calling to other room] "Hey, you don't know any vibrator puns, do you?"

John: [crossing the distance in approximately .7 seconds] "What are you working on?"

Me: "Oh, it's this one. I've got the 'bad vibe' thing going for the title, but now I'm at a loss. What else do you call these things? Do you know any euphemisms?"

John: [staring] "What's it supposed to be?"

Me: "Beats me. It just looks like a giant pink finger."

[both of us pause]

Me: "Hey, I bet that's one."

John: [unable to speak due to laughter]

John: [getting his breath back] "You HAVE to write this down."

Annnnd that's about it. By the way, I feel this is an excellent time to mention that, yes indeedy, we actually get paid now to do this. Living' the dream, people. We're livin' the dream.

Oh, and neither Lis B. nor I have any idea what that cake is supposed to be. However, since it was in the "kids cakes" gallery on the bakery's website I'm guessing it's probably some perfectly innocent character from a cartoon or something. No doubt many of you are preparing to point this out in the comments, too, so that the rest of us look like pervy malcontents. So, you know, I've got that to look forward to.

Livin' the dream, man. Livin'. The. Dream.


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Another insta-rec

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:42 pm[personal profile] cesy
cesy: "Cesy" - An old-fashioned quill and ink (Default) has a good summary of what a venue needs to do to be accessible to a basic range of disability needs. Places like Nine Worlds and lists like Euan's Guide go a lot further, particularly for neurodiversity and complex needs, but this is a great start and easy to understand for those who are new to the subject.
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August 23rd, 2017: One time my friend Joey Comeau of A Softer World dot com and I recorded a game we played so that we could share it for posterity and everyone could see how amazing we were, but after the game we destroyed our notes because it was A REAL EMBARRASSING GAME

– Ryan

Happy Birthday to me

Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:12 am[personal profile] beccaelizabeth
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I know I am only one day older than yesterday, but I am also one year older
and that makes me a nice round number
and I can reasonably expect to live as long again as I have already
which maybe might be true next birthday too
depending which graph you believe.

That's pretty much the definition of middle age then.

And I have silver in my hair and a nice relaxed shape
and basically am winning at time.


I have a birthday card from my brother, the one who writes in square shapes so it has my address on the envelope twice because it got translated. It's a nice card.

And mum phone already, to see if I was awake, which is logical in mum world and I am therefore awake now.

It's a nice shiny day and I'm scheduled to go out this evening
and many things remain possible.

Happy birthday to me.

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