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@audrey @polymerwitch ... or think they can come up with a "neutral" system by ignoring privilege and oppression. but, and, there are a lot of people at fb who benefit from ignoring privllge and oppression ... and there probably aren't a lot of people there who really understand standpoint theory or situated knowledges.

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ah, I see we're utilizing discourse and marginalization as a means to control & attack without there being an actual, people-beneftiing goal at the end (the opposite)

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@aparrish i can practically see the 💡 going on over their heads!

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I hadn't realized how much I'd gotten used to the idea of being harassed on the web because 'hands off' policies from inaccessible site admins were so common.

Being here on masto really made me think about how much the web-based cruelty I had come to think of as """"""normal""""" was in fact unnecessary.

Culture matters, in a visceral way.

the struggle is real

Jun. 24th, 2017 07:02 am[personal profile] kareila
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Continuing to have trouble setting aside time to focus on work with the kids home for the summer.

After taking my mom to her doctor appointment and subsequent errands on Tuesday, I spent most of Wednesday through Friday sick in bed with a fever and sore throat, but no other obvious symptoms. Now I'm finally feeling better, and Robby has decided that since Tropical Storm Cindy's gift of some ridiculous number of inches of soaking rain will prevent him from doing his usual maintenance out at our church this weekend, this is the best time to disrupt the downstairs living area and try to finish constructing Connor's loft bed.

If I didn't have to take the kids to swim lessons today, I'd probably flee to the library and try to get some serious work done. Maybe that strategy will work next weekend, if I can find someplace to go that isn't closed for the holiday.

In other news, Steam is having their annual sale and I've discovered that most of their older LEGO games (pre-Marvel) are PC-only. I really wanted to put the Harry Potter games on my laptop so that I could play them without broadcasting them to the rest of the household. There's also a PC game that Connor wants that is too resource intensive for his poor old gaming PC. But I read on Twitter last night that Starship Titanic is on Steam for $1.49, so I'll get that if nothing else. I've been wanting to play it again ever since I saw Passengers.

I'm also realizing how much cheaper and easier to find the PlayStation 4 is compared to the Nintendo Switch, and that's probably also the better platform to choose if I want to play Kingdom Hearts 3, assuming it ever gets released.

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Hello, witches!

A few years ago I made a Tarot deck. It is queer, irreverent, and femmy.

This weekend I made a Twitter bot that posts a card and its description a few times a day.

And now I have acquired an account here. Which I will be teaching the bot how to post to soon.

#introduction #introductions #tarot

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@petscarecrow experimenting is good! and i've certainly found a good place to start ... hope you do too. welcome!

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@webmind agre that PGP, Signal, Matrix, Wire are looking at different levels of privacy (and security) than mastodon. another way of looking at it though is that privacy models are more complex on a platform like Mastodon that also supports publication.

And the usual dismemberment

Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:01 am[personal profile] yifu
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Yesterday my phone rang and I answered, not looking at the caller's number, thinking it was my mother. The caller asked for me by my full name, and I realized she was speaking Malay. Basically, she asked about a package from Amazon UK, whether I've received it and when. I had to speak loudly because the connection wasn't that good. After the call ended, I stared at the caller's number. Yes, it's a Malaysian number. The point is that I was surprised that the closest (the main?) drop-off point for Amazon UK deliveries seems to be in Malaysia.

The top 10 scenes from Shingeki no Kyojin S2. Carnage! Mind control! Possibly failed kiss!

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