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From time to time I've tried doing a "gratitude journal", a daily record of things I'm grateful for (1, 2, 3).  Unfortunately, my efforts have always trickled off after a few days or weeks.  So inspired by a presentation that Leeza Robertson at NWTS this year, I've decided to integrate my gratitude with part my daily draw of tarot cards.

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Happy New Year!  We had a great New Year's Eve at Tribal Convergence; more about that soon.    And now it's New Year's Day, a great time to start setting the rhythm for the year.  I did a lot of work in December reflecting on my goals and priorities and what kind of life I want.  One thing that really came out for me was wanting to integrate tarot more deeply into my life ... no time like the present!

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This is a tarot spread I created for anyone who relates to what I’ve been saying – about losing touch with earth, about knowing there’s something inside that wants so badly to come out, about missing their creative selves, about just feeling goddamn lost right now.

-- Beth Maiden, Creativity, courage, commitment: a tarot spread for the new moon on Little Red Tarot

It's true, I do miss my creative self.  It's been years since I've written poetry or fiction or worked on e-luminatus or journaled about psytrance.  Sure, I've been creative in other ways, but for quite a while I've felt a gap.  And it does feel like there's something inside me that wants to get out, so while I wouldn't say I'm feeling lost, this spread still seemed like a great choice for the December new moon.  It worked out even better than I had hoped.

One thing I came away with: one good way to get more in touch with my creative side is by doing more writing.  This is something that's completely within my power.  I can see it, feel it, believe it ... so, time to do it! 

Writing about Beth's spread and my new moon readings seems like a good place to start.


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