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Take pity on us, San Francisco! We aspire to your heights of ... "culture"!

Why is everybody laughing?

-- David Thrussell of Snog, at the DNA Lounge

After ten days in South Carolina, it was great to be back home in San Francisco!  Saturday was beautiful, and we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park for the first time since an epic party we threw there in the early 90s (back when you could still have the party in the main greenhouse instead of their functional-but-generic event space).  And then Sunday was  a double-feature, starting with electronic dance music at the Howweird Street Fair and then on to curmudgeonly-but-very-danceable industrial with Snog at the DNA Lounge.  Good times!
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IllumiNationWhy yes, I have been quiet for a while now that you mention it. We spent almost a month on the road, starting with Sacramento for a privacy coalition meeting, and SF for Olli Wisdom at Space 550. We had juggled our plans to be at IlluminiNation, and it was totally the right call. 550 Barneveld is a great venue, and we ran into plenty of familiar faces from back in 2003/2004 when we used to hang out there all the time. Musically, DJ Dragn'fly was great, and Olli was Olli -- not as good as his legendary 2004 (((thump)) set, but still. One of our friends was at her first psytrance party. How cool is that?

The rest of the weekend was sunny in SF. We took it easy on Saturday, and I spent Sunday hanging out in Dolores park with a friend. Life is good.

Monday morning, it was on the train to DC. Well, more accurately, the train to Chicago, which got there eight hours late. So we missed our connection. So we wound up on an overnight thirteen-hour bus ride to DC. Fun! Well no, not actually. But still, we made it; and BORDC's board retreat (the main reason we were there) was excellent. From there it was on to Charleston to see my Mom; very weird not celebrating Halloween, but it was great to see her. And then back to SF again, and finally home to Seattle. After sleeping at four different hotels, three residences, the train, and the bus (or at least trying to, on a 14-hour overnight trip from Chicago to DC) ... can I just say how good it is to be home?

artifacts 2atrium lightsWednesday evening, when we finally got back here, I dropped by the Atrium. They had been closed for a few days after their Halloween weekend blow-out, and it was fairly low-key, but it was great to be back. Friday night was a stompy darkwave set by DJ Anomaly, and then last night was Transition II.

artifacts 1Of course The Atrium's nowhere as big as Barneveld, but even with a small crowd the vibe is amazing. It was looking partcularly trippy Friday night, with some new UV-active Cyberdog artifacts and gorgeous flowers. And the light makes everybody look good!
cyberdog logo
no! its not a secret forbidden world that only a few fortunate transgressive people can/must participate in. it's all of that but it is also a world anybody can enter.... and so its all about how you want the fantasies to be.

-- Can Fantasy Stand Against Hegemony?, 2003

Over a lunch at Samover in SF earlier in the week, I was talking with a friend about how the magic that happens when a psytrance party goes well -- and how to get more of that magic in our day-to-day lives. Saturday night I was thinking about her and all the wonderful times we've had together, and looking forward to the next time we go out. After I while I let my mind turn off, enjoyed the music and the vibe, and danced with D. It was another great night. Plenty of magic.

I heart psytrance.
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It was a great vacation: SF, Edinburgh, London, SF again ... good times with friends and on our own, by train, automobile, and yes even plane -- without going through a single body scanner. w00t! The next few months will be pretty hectic but I'm feeling recharged after the trip.

We drove up from SF and got back to Seattle on Wednesday afternoon. There was an early show with a "special suprise guest" at The Atrium, and when we dropped by who should we find but DJ Anomaly, back from her European mini-tour, playing an unannounced set at "Welcome Home". How cool is that?

We bopped for a while, had a glass of wine, and were home before 11. I heart psytrance.


PS: the tweet at the top has nothing to do with the rest of the story, I just liked it

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