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From time to time I've tried doing a "gratitude journal", a daily record of things I'm grateful for (1, 2, 3).  Unfortunately, my efforts have always trickled off after a few days or weeks.  So inspired by a presentation that Leeza Robertson at NWTS this year, I've decided to integrate my gratitude with part my daily draw of tarot cards.

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Take pity on us, San Francisco! We aspire to your heights of ... "culture"!

Why is everybody laughing?

-- David Thrussell of Snog, at the DNA Lounge

After ten days in South Carolina, it was great to be back home in San Francisco!  Saturday was beautiful, and we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park for the first time since an epic party we threw there in the early 90s (back when you could still have the party in the main greenhouse instead of their functional-but-generic event space).  And then Sunday was  a double-feature, starting with electronic dance music at the Howweird Street Fair and then on to curmudgeonly-but-very-danceable industrial with Snog at the DNA Lounge.  Good times!
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Tapestry at Tribal ConvergenceFor the first time in years, we rang in the New Year at a psytrance party in SF — Tribal Convergence at the Gingerbread House!  Michael Liu, Witchdokta, and the Mendo Organized Chaos crew had done a great job putting the party together, and the place looked amazing.   We found a cab with no problem (just say no to surge pricing and exploitative business models!) and got there just as Galactic Illumination started their set …

I had been in a reflective mood for the last few weeks, spending lots of time with tarot cards.  And fortunately there was decent cellphone reception at the Gingerbread House, so my online tarot journal on TapestryMaker (the social network/community software I’ve been developing) was right there there at my fingertips.  So as I enjoyed the vibe, I looked back over these recent readings and reflected some more …



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Happy New Year!  We had a great New Year's Eve at Tribal Convergence; more about that soon.    And now it's New Year's Day, a great time to start setting the rhythm for the year.  I did a lot of work in December reflecting on my goals and priorities and what kind of life I want.  One thing that really came out for me was wanting to integrate tarot more deeply into my life ... no time like the present!

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Oh my, so much to catch up on since my last public journal entry: Solstice readings, including Lisa de St. Croix's excellent Visual Journaling; full moon readings late on Christmas Eve after a big holiday party; and then the Fortune Circle Holiday Party!  And as I start my period of reflection on 2015, I'm going to work backwards, so to speak; which means that the Harvest Tree readings at the Holiday Party are the first ones I'll be journaling about.

The Fortune Circle work I've been doing with James Wanless and about a dozen intrepid Fortune Seekers has certainly been one of the highlights of these last few months.   Our get-togethers usually include James talking about one of the Gold You Rules, splitting into breakout sessions for discussions, a guided meditation, and then picking cards that match the topic of the night.  The holiday party had a slightly different format, picking multiple cards and describing a spread for people to do their own Harvest Tree reading.  One interesting thing about the Fortune Circles is that they're pseudonymous; Monday night, it was me, Morpheus, Azeri, the Queen of Wands, Dragon, and the Fortune Maker.

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This is a tarot spread I created for anyone who relates to what I’ve been saying – about losing touch with earth, about knowing there’s something inside that wants so badly to come out, about missing their creative selves, about just feeling goddamn lost right now.

-- Beth Maiden, Creativity, courage, commitment: a tarot spread for the new moon on Little Red Tarot

It's true, I do miss my creative self.  It's been years since I've written poetry or fiction or worked on e-luminatus or journaled about psytrance.  Sure, I've been creative in other ways, but for quite a while I've felt a gap.  And it does feel like there's something inside me that wants to get out, so while I wouldn't say I'm feeling lost, this spread still seemed like a great choice for the December new moon.  It worked out even better than I had hoped.

One thing I came away with: one good way to get more in touch with my creative side is by doing more writing.  This is something that's completely within my power.  I can see it, feel it, believe it ... so, time to do it! 

Writing about Beth's spread and my new moon readings seems like a good place to start.


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It's been a while ... good to be back :)

A lot's happened since I last posted here. One thing that hasn't happened, for the most part, is writing: poetry, fiction, journaling, or blogging.  It's felt like that's been missing to me for a while, and I really want to change it. Hopefully I will!

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Nice article by Cory Doctorow in The Guardian, agreeing with Ethan Zuckerman's "Cute Cats" theory that despite all their issues mainstream social networks -- the Facebooks, YouTubes, Twitters, and Google+'s of the world -- are a great place for activism.  He concludes:

First, we have to convince our own governments that when they mandate snoopy back-doors and kill-switches in social media, they give that capacity to dictators, too.

Secondly, we have to make the connection between copyright enforcement surveillance and global justice struggles, by explaining as often as necessary that you can't make a system that prevents spying by secret police and allows spying by media giants.

And finally, we have to convince these businesses that it is in their interests to make the architectural changes that protect their users from arbitrary detention, torture and murder when they make the unplanned transition from cute cats to impromptu atrocity videographer.

That's 2012, then, and several of the years that will follow. Let's get busy.


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2011 wasn’t the year I expected it to be. But while it’s easy (and depressing) to look at what didn’t happen, one of my resolutions was to take a more asset-based thinking approach to life. If I look at what I — and we — accomplished this year, it’s pretty impressive.

-- NanoEvolution

In keeping with the goal I overachieved on the most in 2011 ("spend more time with family and friends"), we decided to spend a quiet New Years Eve at home hanging out with a few people … most of whom got sick and cancelled. So it was a very low-key wrap-up to 2011 and start to 2012, quite a contrast to the last couple years.

Which seems like a good thing to me.

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Last year one of my resolutions was "spend more time on diversity-friendly social networks, and less in sexist, racist, and elitist environments". I didn't wind up hanging out on Dreamwidth as much as I had expected ... for whatever reason, it's proven real difficult for me to meet people here. Hopefully 2012 will involve me spending more time here and on similar sites! Might as well get started with a "happy new year" post ...
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IllumiNationWhy yes, I have been quiet for a while now that you mention it. We spent almost a month on the road, starting with Sacramento for a privacy coalition meeting, and SF for Olli Wisdom at Space 550. We had juggled our plans to be at IlluminiNation, and it was totally the right call. 550 Barneveld is a great venue, and we ran into plenty of familiar faces from back in 2003/2004 when we used to hang out there all the time. Musically, DJ Dragn'fly was great, and Olli was Olli -- not as good as his legendary 2004 (((thump)) set, but still. One of our friends was at her first psytrance party. How cool is that?

The rest of the weekend was sunny in SF. We took it easy on Saturday, and I spent Sunday hanging out in Dolores park with a friend. Life is good.

Monday morning, it was on the train to DC. Well, more accurately, the train to Chicago, which got there eight hours late. So we missed our connection. So we wound up on an overnight thirteen-hour bus ride to DC. Fun! Well no, not actually. But still, we made it; and BORDC's board retreat (the main reason we were there) was excellent. From there it was on to Charleston to see my Mom; very weird not celebrating Halloween, but it was great to see her. And then back to SF again, and finally home to Seattle. After sleeping at four different hotels, three residences, the train, and the bus (or at least trying to, on a 14-hour overnight trip from Chicago to DC) ... can I just say how good it is to be home?

artifacts 2atrium lightsWednesday evening, when we finally got back here, I dropped by the Atrium. They had been closed for a few days after their Halloween weekend blow-out, and it was fairly low-key, but it was great to be back. Friday night was a stompy darkwave set by DJ Anomaly, and then last night was Transition II.

artifacts 1Of course The Atrium's nowhere as big as Barneveld, but even with a small crowd the vibe is amazing. It was looking partcularly trippy Friday night, with some new UV-active Cyberdog artifacts and gorgeous flowers. And the light makes everybody look good!
cyberdog logo
no! its not a secret forbidden world that only a few fortunate transgressive people can/must participate in. it's all of that but it is also a world anybody can enter.... and so its all about how you want the fantasies to be.

-- Can Fantasy Stand Against Hegemony?, 2003

Over a lunch at Samover in SF earlier in the week, I was talking with a friend about how the magic that happens when a psytrance party goes well -- and how to get more of that magic in our day-to-day lives. Saturday night I was thinking about her and all the wonderful times we've had together, and looking forward to the next time we go out. After I while I let my mind turn off, enjoyed the music and the vibe, and danced with D. It was another great night. Plenty of magic.

I heart psytrance.
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It was a great vacation: SF, Edinburgh, London, SF again ... good times with friends and on our own, by train, automobile, and yes even plane -- without going through a single body scanner. w00t! The next few months will be pretty hectic but I'm feeling recharged after the trip.

We drove up from SF and got back to Seattle on Wednesday afternoon. There was an early show with a "special suprise guest" at The Atrium, and when we dropped by who should we find but DJ Anomaly, back from her European mini-tour, playing an unannounced set at "Welcome Home". How cool is that?

We bopped for a while, had a glass of wine, and were home before 11. I heart psytrance.


PS: the tweet at the top has nothing to do with the rest of the story, I just liked it

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What rituals would make you happier?
What would you like to introduce to your life?
Introduce no more than one or two rituals at a time
and make sure they become habitual before you introduce new ones.
"Incremental change is better than ambitious failure.
Success feeds on itself."

-- Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier, p. 9-10

It's been a mighty relaxing ten days. My break wasn't quite complete: I used Twitter, Facebook, and email a few times each to arrange logistics, and spent a couple of hours reading blogs one night to see what was going on in the world. Even so, it was a dramatically different rhythm. Which makes it a great opportunity to rethink how I'm engaging with social media.

As a first step, last night and this morning, I checked the places I usually hang out. Have I mentioned recently how much I like social networks? Usually I don't hit all of them in order, so it was interesting to compare-and-contrast. Read more... )

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I love social networks.

They're how I follow the news, get different perspectives, stay in touch with friends -- and make new ones. When people complain that online connections are just a poor substitute for "real life", I just shake my head and tell them they're doing it wrong. And as I've argued passionately in Cognitive evolution and revolution, The future of civil liberties, A grassroots social network activist's perspective, and Freedom not fear, combining social network and real world activism is a great opportunity to regain our rights online and off.

But there are downsides as well. Facebook constantly changing its interface and finding new ways to violate my privacy, the arrogance and elitism of the guys running Google+ and their evil naming policy (along the incessant circling over the last few days), Diaspora*'s inability to edit posts or block obnoxious people … and the time I spend checking FB, G+, D*, Twitter, Quora, Dreamwidth, tribe.net, free-association and elsewhere.

So it's time for a break from social networks.

See you in a week or two!
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In the aftermath of my events on Sept. 11, 2011, I feel violated, humiliated and sure that I was taken from the plane simply because of my appearance. Though I never left my seat, spoke to anyone on the flight or tinkered with any “suspicious” device, I was forced into a situation where I was stripped of my freedom and liberty that so many of my fellow Americans purport are the foundations of this country and should be protected at any cost….

This country has operated for the last 10 years through fear. We’ve been a country at war and going bankrupt for much of this time. What is the next step?

-- Shoshana Hebshi, Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit, Tales from the Heartland

The F-16 fighters that had shadowed the plane before it landed in Detroit and the SWAT team that dragged Shoshanna and her two Indian seatmates from their seats was responding to the crew's report that … somebody had been spending too long in the bathroom. On the same day, F-16s also scrambled for another flight where … three people made repeated trips to the bathroom. WTF?
Following a catastrophic national event, such as 9/11 in the United States, conditions are anything but ordinary. The people are traumatized, they long for someone to make them feel secure, and an ancient paranoia switch is once again waiting to snap on. Under these conditions, fear mongers thrive. Their characteristics are so hand in glove with the trauma reaction of the population that their identifying behaviors are scarcely "seen" at all. In short, after we have been thoroughly traumatized, we cannot see the devil.

-- Martha Stout, The Paranoia Switch

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After checking out Google+ over the summer, I'm planning on spending more of my time here this fall. I had plenty of great discussions there and met a lot of interesting people (including a lot of folks from DW) but it's way too much of a boys club ... and the nymwars mean that a lot of my friends got suspended or left in disgust. On the other hand, it really made me appreciate Dreamwidth. So I'm going to try to hang out here more.

I'm also checking out Diaspora. If you're over there, please say hi!
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3 a.m. in the darkness.
Relaxing after cocooning.
VibrationsRadiant energy.

Chamomile tea.  The mist outside.
Paths not takenKundalini awoken.
The Queen of Swords, the Empress.
Candlelight and thoughts of Goddesses.
The sun transformed, a watchful moon observes.

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We got on the train in Seattle’s King St. Station: a quick ID check, and that was it.

No nude pictures.

No irradiation.

No groping.

This is how travel should be.
picture through a window of Puget sounds and a small wharf
View from Amtrak's Coast Starlighter

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A thought that came to mind walking through the park yesterday,: there are five things that I especially enjoy these days

5 things I enjoy:

1. hanging with D
2. walking in the park
3. social network activism
4. writing
5. dancing to psytrance and/or darkwave music

Reflecting on this today walking through the park, I realized that there's also one thing I enjoy a lot that I'm not getting anywhere near enough of: hanging out with my friends. Hmm, so as always there's room for improvement. But still.

Five out of six ain't bad :-)

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